We want you to enjoy your day on the island and to return home safely. Remember we are on an island, always be alert and aware of what is around you. Please take time to read the following key health and safety messages:

General Risks or Hazards
General Risks or Hazards
If it looks unsafe
Don’t do it; Let us know about it
Weather (sun/rain; heat/cold)
Wear/bring appropriate clothing (sunhats/sunscreen; wet weather gear)
Slips (landslides)
Keep clear; Do not approach; Alert us to any unmarked slips in the immediate vicinity
Bring bottled water. Drink plenty of water – before you get thirsty
Always wear a seat belt; be aware of movements of vehicles around you
Isolated work places
Don’t work on your own; don’t go off on your own
Don’t overdo it; work at your own pace; take a break
Uneven surfaces – Slips and falls
Wear sturdy footwear; take your time; check before you go; move carefully
Medical conditions

Bring medication, alert supervisor to potential risk if appropriate
Risks or Hazards while planting
Improper use of spades can cause injury
Carry spade with blade pointing down; don’t carry over shoulder; don’t jump on spade; watch where you dig – ensure feet and hands are not in the way; always leave spade ‘standing up’ – not lying on the ground
Uneven ground/hazards hidden in kikuyu (grass)
Wear sturdy footwear; watch where you walk; take it slowly;
Digging; lifting boxes
Don’t strain, mind your back
Don’t place bags under or round vehicles; be alert when vehicles are present
Risks or Hazards in the nursery
Breathing in dust or dry potting mix
Dampen potting mix; use face masks
Slipping on wet surfaces
Assess areas (weed mat and wooden surrounds) before you enter them
Wires in standing out areas
Be aware of wires when entering Bay 3
Risks or Hazards in the nursery
Skin irritation/reaction to moth plant
Cover your arms and legs (wear long sleeved shirts provided);
Injury from tools
Keep saws closed when not using; be aware of the risks of using weed control tools
Injury from natural hazards
Be aware of your environment (twigs, branches, cutty grass, gorse, Apple of Sodom, slopes, cliffs); move carefully and slowly
Toxicity of herbicide (if used)
Always wear gloves; use in accordance with instructions
Important info
In emergency
Call 111
Portable radios
Carried by supervisors – will alert others on island to issues
Basic first aid kits

Located at the nursery, with each weed team, in Reid Homestead
and in vehicles

Located at the Nursery and in the Troop Carrier vehicles
Your emergency contact details
Ensure you have given us your emergency contact details