PartnersLife DUAL 2014 Motutapu-Rangitoto Traverse

The 6th running of the unique PartnersLife DUAL 2014 Motutapu - Rangitoto Traverse takes place on Saturday 22 March 2014.

Funding from 5 years of the PartnersLife DUAL has enabled the expansion of the Trust’s native forest plantings and provided welcome habitats for all manner of translocated species including saddleback, shore plover, kiwi, takahe and whitehead.


In late summer every year, usually the last weekend of March, actually it’s the 2nd last weekend in march next year, Saturday 22nd March, we run in conjunction with event managers total sport and major sponsor partners Life, The Partners Life DUAL.

What is it?

It’s an annual running, walking, mountain biking and triathlon event that traverses both Motutapu and Rangitoto There are Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km and 6km run or walk events, along with 45km and 30km mountain bike options and an off road triathlon. There is something for absolutely everyone irrespective of your age or fitness

The multisport event, now into its 6th year of operation, was originally dreamed up by our Trust to provide some much needed operating funding, money to keep our trucks running, money to buy tools and gloves and all the other bits we need to support our volunteer programme.

We did it also to demonstrate how Conservation and Recreation can go hand in hand with Recreation - we believe they all make great partners!

On the 23 March of this year we had in excess of 2000 participants and supporters. This was the biggest gathering on the island in 105 years. The record is held by the last premier picnic of 1908 when 16,000 visitors from around the Auckland region and the prime minister came over for a day of fun and games.

So what are all the multisport options on offer?

• 42km Marathon
• 21km Half Marathon
• 10km Run/Walk
• 6km Run/Walk
• 45km Mountain Bike (limited numbers)
• 30km Mountain Bike (limited numbers)
• Off-Road Triathlon (1km Swim / 30km MTB / 10km Run)

So there really is something here for everyone. Personally I’m well into my training currently hoping for a really good time for the 6km walk.


This Saturday in March is the only day of the year where people are able to participate in an event like this on these islands. It is the only day of the year when mountain bikes are allowed to be ferried over and ridden across Motutapu Rangitoto.
We believe it is unique in that where else can you bike run or walk over the world’s first and only pest free farm, where else can you bike walk or run across a couple of pest free treasure island sanctuaries, collectively the 2nd largest pest free island sanctuary in New Zealand. It is the only sporting event of its kind in the world operating within islands totally free of introduced pest predators and hosting translocated rare endangered native wildlife.

So we heartily recommend you get the family or a bunch of friends together and take on the Partners Life DUAL, either by foot, mountain bike or have a swim around Home Bay as part of the Off-Road Triathlon event option. Afterwards you can visit Reid Homestead for tea and cake, relax at the beach or on the lawn or even better, hang out by the bar and listen to the concert featuring a couple of sets of Dan on acoustic guitar, the amazing Double Take covers band and a special headline act which is still to be confirmed. Last year we had Avalanche City, other years we’ve featured Anika Moa and Don McGlashon. in 2014 Boh Runga is headlining.

You can volunteer

also, if you would like to come over and volunteer we’re looking for around 100 course marshals and island ambassadors. There are all sorts of volunteer tasks. We give you free return ferry tickets, a free lunch, free generous hospitality under the marquee at the post event concert at tent city and last but not least, a free warm inner glow feeling to take home on the ferry, you know that warm feeling that results from having made a real generous contribution of your time to a worthy cause.

Some of our regular Volunteers love it because it’s a change being out on the island and not doing nursery work, tree planting and weed busting

The Partners Life DUAL offers the opportunity for event goers and adventure seekers alike to experience the dual islands of Motutapu and Rangitoto by foot, on mountain bike or both including a swim in the spectacular Home Bay!


3 years ago, In 2010, our event won an award for the most significant emerging multisport event and today it is arguably the 2nd most significant multisport event after the Speight’s Coast to Coast.

Register for the DUAL as a competitor or simply come over for a fabulous day at Home Bay and you will see what we mean.